3 Steps for Modern Holiday Décor

Missed the boat for the advent calendar this year? There’s still time to get your home ready for the holidays. You don’t need to be a crafting genius to have stylish displays. Take inspiration from any of these three themes and get ready to rethink your holiday setup.

As a general rule, you’ll do well to think of decorations that have more of a neutral theme. Snowscapes and reindeer, for example, are still “winter themed” but a little less obvious than say, the notorious Elf on the Shelf. With these modern tips, your home will keep looking sharp even after December 25th.

Play with Color

ornament-wreath_galSome years it’s fun to mix up the red-and-green routine. If the bright pink, blue, and purple themes come on a little strong, give orange a try. Swap out red for this hue to get a fresh update on the traditional look. The orange-and-green theme works well in other rooms too. Get out any glass vase you use for flower bouquets and fill it with oranges or other decorative fruit instead. Wrap some garland around it, and you’ve got an easy mantel display.

Apples and pomegranates also look great in these big hurricane containers. You can even fill them with leftover ornament bulbs or wrapped candies to add some holiday cheer to a countertop or coffee table. These colorful displays are an easy solution for spreading your favorite holiday colors—whatever they might be—all throughout your home.

Using a bold pattern for your dining room table cloth is another way to get a modern holiday vibe. Go with a wide plaid for a casual-chic look. Seasonal color themes and black-and-white gingham both look great this time of year.

Bring the Outdoors In

a99050_1201_ball_vertMaking a wintery scene on a side table or sofa table adds a little more magic. If you don’t already have a few décor trees and or animal figurines in your holiday box, check with your kids. They might have a couple woodland creatures to donate—and it’s an easy way to get everyone involved with decorating.

Items that you’ve collected from Christmas Past can also come in handy for the indoor/outdoor themes. The ever-popular faux garland is a classic for a reason. It can still feel modern when it’s got the right accessories—and sometimes it’s good to have a little nostalgia. When’s the last time your family made hand-made decorations? Your stash of printer paper can easily become a flurry of snowflakes on one of your accent walls. Fold the snowflake paper this way to create all kinds of pretty, six-point designs.

If you’re interested in more of a natural look, take a stroll to collect fallen pinecones. They’ll be a great addition to your garland greenery. And for the finishing touch in the main hallway or by the front door, hang a mistletoe ball. Most craft stores have them for sale, but you can also make one of your own and give them as gifts. (Assuming you know where to go for fresh mistletoe.)

Add New Year’s Sparkle

When you stick to modern styles and simple setups, it’s also a lot easier (and guilt-free!) to keep your decorations up well into the New Year. They’ll work just as well at the beginning of the month, as well as the end. Which means you can host the New Year’s party—without doing any extra decorating!


If you have Santa themes on display, consider replacing them with other tabletop decorations. This collection of modern display trees shows off different materials and textures. You can even mix up your pillows for the winter. When you take out the pile of cozy blankets from storage, work in the pillows too. Try out a fluffy white texture, or a shimmery accent poof for the holidays. It’ll transform your living room into its own kind of comfy wonderland.

Your winter decorating shouldn’t just be limited to December. After all, we’ll still be sipping on cocoa and cuddling up by the fire through January. Get the whole family involved in creating the right holiday theme for your home. When you’ve got smart, modern holiday decorating, it’s only natural that you’ll want to enjoy it longer. There’s plenty of time to enjoy your home decor through these chilly winter nights and evenings.

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