7 Timeless Design Tips for a Beautiful Bathroom

You have so many choices when it comes to designing your master bathroom! With all the trends flying around online, it can be hard to identify the best design elements for your bathroom space. Whether you’re looking for that perfect blend of modern style and classic function, or just need some tips for what’s both fresh now and sure to last, we’ve got you covered. For a bath design you’ll love forever, get these features on your shopping list.

Tilefloor1. Find your tile flooring.

Ceramic tile flooring does double-duty because it’s both tough and pretty. (Two things that’ll never go out of style!) There are plenty of affordable ceramic tile options today, so take your time to research on-line to find ideas for the color and style that match your personality and budget. If you want to try a slightly more daring look, you can also check out marble or stone tile—they’re great for bathroom renovations.

2. Choose a neutral counter top.

If you’ve ever walked through an older resale home, you’ll know what we mean when we say, “Please avoid green countertop!” Homes that were built in the 90’s or earlier often had bold and bright counter tops, and today they look horribly outdated. On the other hand, those homes that went with a good neutral top have been able to stand the test of time, and even though may have been built 20 years ago they still look up to date. Counter tops are usually one of the re-do’s sellers have to spend money on, so if you want to make the smartest investments for your home, staying away from trendy choices tends to be best.

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 11.30.27 AM3. Do dual sinks!

Having a second sink is always more efficient, even if you aren’t sharing space with another person. You can spread out more during your morning routine with two sinks and more counter space, and even use one of the sinks for soaking. Dual sinks offer a great value for sellers, so if you’re looking for a bathroom remodel or a great design feature for a new build, go ahead and extend that counter top!

4. Select a timeless faucet.

Trends come and go but what stays true and is always in style is the dual handle. These top rated faucets come in two forms—the center set faucet, or the spread fit. Center set means the faucet and handles are all attached on the same unit, while spread fit designs have the faucet and two handles mounted separately. Both versions are timeless, but to really keep your faucet classy, go with a chrome or oil rubbed bronze finish.

5. Pick a comfortable toilet.

No one wants to really talk about this! But it’s important to do your homework and make sure your toilet is comfortable and at a good height. If you can, spend the extra small amount to upgrade your toilet when you see something that fits your body type better. The best toilets have great reviews for flushing, yet still conserve water.

barndoor6. Save floor space with a barn door.

A swinging door takes up a lot of space, but a barn door slides out of the way. More and more builders are offering these beautiful doors as options, so ask your builder if a bathroom barn door can work for you too. These space-saving doors are fantastic options for revamping your bathroom and preserving your precious floor space.

7. Paint in calming colors.

For beautiful, timeless bathroom spaces, calm and quiet neutrals are the way to go. Find a bathroom paint color that bounces light around. The best hues also work as a canvas for other splashes of color through your decorations. Keep the walls neutral, and your personal style can shine through with artwork and other décor. Trust us—keep it cool.

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